About Us

Family-owned and operated company
specializing in high speed air bearing spindle solutions


Air Bearing Repair Service experts undergo a rigorous training program in order to become certified to refurbish air bearing spindles. Our spindle experts are trained to perform in-process inspections and tests to ensure accuracy to our customers’ spindles. Various Proprietary instruments and techniques are used to complete an air bearing service and can provide an overview of service rendered for each repair.

We specialize in supporting K&S dicing saws through service, repair, and the sale of parts and components. Our technicians are also available for onsite service and preventative maintenance. Other dicing saw manufacturers we support include Disco and ADT.

In March 2015 we outgrew our original location and expanded our operation to a new, larger facility. We are proud to be able to assist a greater number of customers, while still being able to fulfill their needs in the same quick, timely manner as before.

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated Air Bearing Repair shop.

Michael Viggiano and family
Mom And Dad

Excellent service! The team was very professional and efficient! I highly recommend Air Bearing Repair

— Elizabeth Arims