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Air Bearing

We specialize in the repair of any and all air bearing spindles. These include spindles found in the semiconductors, optics, automotive paint sprayers, photonics and printed circuit boards (PCB).

K&S 980 Series Parts and Refurbishing

We carry a full line of spare and replacement parts along with the capability to refurbish your current dicing saw. All of this to ensure your K&S saws stay up and running and operate trouble free.

Preventive Maintenance

​We offer several Preventive Maintenance packages to keep your machines running properly and to specification.

Air Bearings

Over the years we have developed processes to improve performance and longevity of air bearing spindles.  These processes have allowed us to meet or exceed original manufactures specifications which extend the performance of our refurbished spindles.

* Our refurbished spindles are backed by a 1 year warranty, the best in the industry.

​* Each spindle is fully refurbished to factory spec.

* In most cases, we offer a 48 hour turn around period at NO ADDITIONAL charge.

*Your warranty begins the day your spindle is installed.

This means if a spindle is a spare, you will not lose your warranty from it sitting in storage.

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Air Bearing Spindle Brands We Repair:






Federal Mogul



Meyer Berger

Micro Automation






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Circuit Boards:

– All K&S 980 series boards available.
– Available both outright as well as exchange

3 Phase Spindle Drives:

– Available both outright as well as exchange

Power Supplies:

– Available both outright as well as exchange
– Both old style and new style harness hookups available

Spare Parts:

– Most parts available to support your K&S 980 series saw
– Microscope assembly parts
– Stepper Motors
– Theta Cables
– Air/Water sensors
– Much more are available. Call for any of your needs.

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Turn Table Refurbishing:

– Reworked to insure flatness
– New theta cables
– New radial bearing
– New limit switches
– New belt
– New vacuum tubing
– Tested to insure proper working condition​

Chuck Resurfacing:

– Available for both standard and porous chucks
– Reworked to insure flatness
– Reworked to look new again
– New chucks available

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Preventive Maintenance

We offer:

Our technicians go through a rigorous and thorough training program to ensure they understand all the fundamentals of keeping your K&S saws in proper functioning specs. With our full inventory of spare parts on hand we can assure you, your machine will experience minimal downtime. Full written reports and spec sheets included with all your PM’s

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Saws and Refurbishing

K&S 982-10 Plus

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K&S 984-6 Plus

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K&S 982-6

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Saw Refurbishing

We offer a complete machine refurbishing service. If you have a machine that has been not performing optimally or offline for some time or sitting in storage, we can go completely through your existing machine to get it back up and running to factory specifications.

The machine is completely disassembled, and all parts are gone over to ensure proper function. All mechanical and electrical components are checked to ensure the machine will perform and operate as new.

Key items serviced during machine refurbishing:

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Custom Saw Builds

We can custom build a saw to your exact specification and needs. If you are familiar with your current saw and are happy with how it works for your process, we can make an exact duplicate of it. This will ensure that you are getting the right saw for your needs.

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